Episode #1
Launching our first show with 3 artists from 3 corners of the globe. Aussie Country singer/songwriter 'Ange Boxall', LA based 'Ellem', & Bournemouth band 'Mutant Vinyl'.

Ange Boxall

Tasmanian born songstress Ange Boxall landed on the shores of England some ten years ago, with little more than a backpack and her Maton guitar, Pearl. Planning to stay no longer than a year, the rich mix of European destinations, wonderful people and a diverse music scene have fuelled the fire and nurtured a successful career.
However, not fully content, the draw from across the pond has been strong. Trips to the USA have been frequent and a blossoming love affair with Nashville`s `Music City` has seen collaborations with many successful artists.

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The British singer songwriter’s roots lie firmly in the east-end of London - something which is reflected in her frank lyrics and gritty melodies, but as much of the young songstresses time is spent between here and her new home in Los Angeles the songs take on definite nuances from both places. Ellem has been featured in numerous TV shows, films and most recently US Honda commercial.

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Mutant Vinyl

Mutant Vinyl is a musical journey through John Coltrane, Massive Attack, and Prince via Dave Grohl, wrapped up in big rhythms and addictive hooks. Unashamedly influenced but not copying, my music is original and emotive.

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